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It is my belief that everyone has the ability to contact Spirit to some degree or other so I offer several course to help people to learn more about developing their sensitivity. How far you will develop will depend on your natural ability and how much effort you are prepared to put into your work. The courses are usually held one evening a week for five or six weeks depending on the course. I am also willing to organise courses during the day if there is enough interest.

If you are interested in attending one of my courses or run a Spiritual Centre and are interested in my work then please contact me.

The courses I presently offer are as follows.

Touching Spirit 1 (TS1)

This course gives participants the opportunity to explore their own sensitivity using the following techniques;

The course takes place over one evening and lasts for two hours. Participants do not need to have had any previous experience of working with Spirit.

Touching Spirit 2 (TS2)

Course participants will have the opportunity to explore in greater detail the use of colour, psychometry, the pendulum, and a direct link in working with spirit. The course will take place over six evenings and will help to lay a foundation for people who want to develop their sensitivity to working with spirit.

Touching Spirit 3 (TS3)

Touching Spirit 3 builds on the experiences made in the Touching Spirit 2 class. In this course, we practice the techniques needed to establish contact with the spiritual world as a medium. In six evenings, the participants are trained to establish this connection in order to be able to communicate with others as a medium. The foundation for this is a secure technique and good control over this connection. Newcomers are welcome.

Touching Spirit 4 (TS4)

Touching Spirit 4 (TS4) will continue on from the previous course, Touching Spirit 3 (TS3) and will give further practise in the exercises worked on in TS3. I intend to use the first five of the six evenings in this practise and to introduce trance work in week 6. The emphasis on this course will be on good technique and good control of your mediumship.