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About Me

As a Medium I provide a link between those of us on the material plane and our friends and family who have passed over to the Spirit Plane and in order to do this I use a natural ability which I have spent a great deal of time developing.

I provide private sittings and several courses in personal development. I also serve Spiritualist Churches and Sanctuaries as both a Speaker and a Demonstrator.

If you would like to make contact with me to make an appointment please now go to the 'Contact' page.

My background

I was invited to sit with Mrs Margaret O'Connor, a well known Transfiguration Medium who lived in Dundee, Scotland. There I spent three years under Mrs O'Connor's guidance where my mediumship was developed and I was given an excellent background in the Craft of Mediumship. During this time I was also given the opportunity to develop the Trance aspect of my work and sat with several others for Mrs O'Connor.

At the end of this time I attended the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, where I attended the Trance course and worked under the tutorage of Mrs Jose Gosschalk, from the Netherlands. Following this I received training from the SNU through the 'Platform Accreditation Scheme' where I completed the 'Demonstrator' and 'Speaker' aspects of this course. Following the end of my initial training under Mrs O'Connor I worked for a number of Churches and Spiritualist Sanctuaries along the east coast of Scotland.

Since moving to Switzerland I have continued my work as a medium and have clients in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Scotland. Here in Switzerland I also offer several course to help others to explore their own abilities in mediumship.